Entri Pertama 2012.

Azam 2012?

Who want to know?
What would they do should they know about it?
What's good in telling anybody about it?
What will be the measurements of achievements?
Where is the action plan?
Is there any plan?
Will we stuck to that plan?
What counter measure that can be taken if the plan don't succeed?
What's the punishments should we fail?
Is there a KPI here?
Is there a KRA here?
If there is, who's monitoring?


Then stick your azam to yourself, like me. (If I have one.. you will never know don't you?)

Hahaha, quit the formality, stop following people's step, and get back to reality.
Reality is:


masuk kubur sengsorang brader...
Layan bukansepet, layan.

(what an emo statement to start 2012 - fuh. power.)